Who we are

An organization that has made a mark in such a dynamic and technology driven industry of
broadcast media space.

360 degree solutions

Millennia Network is involved in broadcast services space providing a thorough and integrated solutions to the business entities engaged in broadcasting and transmission. Our services starts right from the stage of licensing, to the viewer’s home including up linking, down linking, distribution, equipment solutions and other associated services.

At Millennia Network, we facilitate various solutions that are required to uplink and downlink satellite channels, broadcasting assorted content, support services for newly formed satellite channels to fulfil their licensing requirements, and other associated services that are essential to beam the satellite channels for viewers at home. We also liaise with other global service providers for seamless transmissions.

Absolute Aggregators

Millennia Network, the broadcast company that is primarily involved in broadcast space, are aggregators of equipment and service providers from across the globe. The network is born out of over two decades of experience the founder has in servicing major broadcasters and start-up satellite channels.

The network since its’ inception is offering such solutions like analytics in media, selling niche solutions like hand held devices used in live broadcasting content for satellite channels, renting out equipment like DSNG Vans (popularly referred as mobile broadcasting vans), high end camera and related equipment required for production of visual content, brand distribution, etc.

The advertising vertical of Millennia Network brings innovative LED on wheels solution of mobile advertising which is equipped with GPRS connectivity that helps to stream content on a customised LED screen. Millennia Network also caters to many other solutions like Augmented Reality in the advertising space.



Customers World wide

Millennia Network

A Brief History & its Spread

Millennia is the brainchild of M.P. Jacob who has over 10+ years of experience in the field of broadcasting and transmission, and advertising. Mr. Jacob played an instrumental role in his previous stint in a broadcast services company from where he has gained considerable experience in the domain. His stint in various media companies has given him hands-on experience in understanding the challenges the industry faces. His approach to find solutions for the challenges by marrying various innovative technologies available in the market makes him distinct.

Mounting the highest standards of professionalism, Millennia Network is poised to reach new heights. With industry professionals keen to partner with Millennia, the nascent organization looks forward to carve a niche for itself with its seamless and professional approach to servicing the broadcasting space with innovative technologies.

We are grateful to society

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

At Millennia Network, we are grateful to society for all the opportunities that we have received. We are proud to associate ourselves with the Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan, a dream project of our esteemed Prime Minister to keep our country clean and tidy.

We believe in the motto of “Cleanliness is Godliness”. 65 Million Tonnes of waste is generated by 350 Million people every year. 90% of this waste is routed to Landfills which have large scale implications to the local environment. Air Contamination, Water pollution, onset of epidemics is a few of the directly attributable effects of landfills with waste.

Almost 60% of waste generated in organic in nature and can be reprocessed before we assign it to waste. Green Waste Reprocessor (GWR) is an invention of Clean India Ventures, a strategic partner of the Delight Group. This machine reprocesses all green waste and converts it into valuable by products.

Waste Reduction


Decentralization is the key here because GWR has to be installed at source. After installation of GWR units, more than 50% of waste generated can be reduced over a period. This reprocessing at site can have significant and positive impact on the environment. Besides reducing the cost of dumping waste on landfills, it also reduces energy expenditures that occur while transporting.

GWR Unit reprocesses the daily heap of organic, green rejects into bio‐mass fuel and other by‐products. This
can be utilized as fuel or raw material for various industries. Another by‐product of the waste is compost, an organic fertilizer that can be used in agriculture to increase productivity and enhance soil quality. The by‐products from GWR units can also be processed to be converted into food for animals / pets.