A technology solutions provider dealing with cost-effective yet powerful gadgets for the media industry.

Being a notch ahead in technical infrastructure gives every media house the much needed advantage. It can range from owning high-end gadgets to workable low-end solutions that can give access to bringing the content to the table. Millennia Network brings you the latest gadgets in the field of broadcasting to enhance your technical infrastructure.

Millennia Technology

We sell some of the niche gadgets that are super-special and we have integrated. We also rent
some high-end equipment equipping the broadcast companies to produce content seamlessly.

Soliton Zao-S – Portable Live Unit Bag Pack

Cover events with ease with these versatile and cost effective gadgets that run on multiple SIM cards by carrying them on your backpack.

Mojo – Mobile Journalism

Equip your journalists with these simple and cost-effective recording solutions with your iPhone
effectively doing away with high-end cameras.

DSNG & OB Van on Rental

Capture and edit your content on the spot by using our DSNG and OB vans. Rent these facilities from us and avail the advantage.

Equipment and Facilities Rental

Do not be bogged down the non-availability of quality, modern equipment if you want to display your individuality or workmanship.

Easy and Efficient Broadcasting

Solition - Official partner in India

Technology and cost were great impediments in covering and presenting live events. With Soliton’s Zao-S, those impediments have been busted. Zao-S is the world’s smallest live encoder weighing a miniscule 300 grams. This impeccable gadget built with exceptional Japanese technology can be mounted over your camera or can be held in your back-pack while you seamlessly transmit any kind of live events.

The new H.265 HEVC encoder used by Zao-S bonds with the RASCOW protocol of mobile phone networks via its SIM cards. Zao-S converts the video and audio content into data packets and seamlessly transmits through the three different 3G/4G mobile networks of the SIM cards even under lower bit rate conditions. The impressive protocol used by Zao-S can transmit video and audio even at 150 kbps speed with minimal latency.

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