Knowledge Solutions

In the business of providing niche knowledge-based consultancy solutions to media houses.

Millennia Network has credit of over 1000 man years of cumulative experience in the Satellite Services Space. Media Analytics, Technical Audits, Procurement Consultancy, are few of the areas where we assist our client on a continuous improvement mode.

The media analytics division of Millennia Network is in the business of aggregating advanced analytics that can help in sales strategy, planning of resources deployment and recruitment of right resources for the right job.

Technical Audits are performed with experts to ensure that clients are deploying optimal resources, in terms of equipment’s and arrays that will result in the best results for the client’s channel.

Procurement Solutions are offered to satellite channels, usually as a part of the overall Technical Audit and Media Analytics, which help sourcing and supply of Equipment and other requisitions for the client.

Millennia Knowledge Solutions

Advanced analytics has made possible to ascertain with data to monitor the performance of
channels, where the money should be pumped and what kind of stake-holders to recruit if there is a need for talent .

Media Analytics

Take a hold of our analytics on the market, current scenario, performance of existing channels etc., before you want to set up your own.

Technical Audit

Obtain first-hand information on your technical requirements, whether the existing set up would suffice and what more to procure from our audits.

Procurement Consultancy

Recruit the best talent from the market. Our motto of placing right people in the right job can contribute to the channel’s success.

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