A service provider in the field of advertising using innovative technologies.

We offer innovative advertising solutions to any brand and industry, not limiting ourselves to the media space. People are increasingly knowing about brands by the displays they see in the open space outside apart from the regular TV ads. The out-of- home displays when made interactive with the available mobile phone technology, there is a new level of brand interaction that takes place directly with potential customers. The key here is to drive traffic and increase sales.

Millennia Advertising

With the advent of mobile technology and specialized analytics, innovations in the advertising
space is on the rise. With stage-by- stage monitoring being made possible, find joy in sales conversions.

LED on Wheels

Stream your location based advertisement content using GPRS technology on mobile vans fitted with large LED screens.

Augmented Reality

Allows users to point their phones on the display which directs to a video or information and this can redirect to an e-Commerce website for a sale.

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